Safe Access Control Security Solutions

SafeHouse Systems has been delivering advanced technology hardware and software security solutions to gated residential communities since 1992. Our customers also include controlled access commercial sites and buildings, as well as access control professional providers and installers.

SafeHouse has the solution for your controlled access needs. Our services include original installation of software and hardware for gated controlled access systems, as well as software to interface with a wide variety of existing equipment to provide a single control point. Many options are available, including video surveillance and clubhouse/pool access control. Our experienced technicians will design a solution tailored to your specifications.

At SafeHouse, we understand the need for ease of operation of a vehicle access control system. We know that it is important for security personnel, community managers, Board members, as well as residents. Our technicians will train those who are involved with operation of the system to optimize and streamline the controlled access process.

The greatest access control security system is one that gives a community or business ever-vigilant vehicle access control with the added protection of easy-to-use visitor management software. SafeHouse Systems offers its customers highly-rated security system software, expert advice and system design, quality installation, and reliable service. In addition, our knowledge of RFID security system applications and our long-standing relationships with RFID companies are invaluable in creating the complete solution for your controlled access needs.

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SafeHouse has a customer base which runs from coast to coast. Our product support and service are second to none. We recognize the importance of reliability and accountability in providing access control for gated communities.