SafeHouse Resident Guest List Control system is the solution that allows residents to manage their own guest lists without ever contacting a guard. There are multiple methods that are available utilizing Resident Guest Control management such as:


  • Allows residents to add names to their own guest lists without contacting a guard.
  • Residents can access the program via the web, a web-enabled cell phone, or PDA, and can add a guest for today, tomorrow, or even a future date based on the rules of the community.
  • Webguest is completely configurable so you can establish rules as to the class of guests (permanent, delivery, service), and the available range of future dates.
  • The resident can receive a copy of their guest list via email to the address registered in the Entry Module database.
  • Webguest allows the resident to actually view the entries that were granted access to their residence for a given period of time and export that history to comma delimited files.
  • Webguest allows residents to change their primary email address in the system.
  • Webguest vastly improves accountability and productivity of your access control officers, enabling them to concentrate on the primary job of ensuring the guests that enter your community are authorized and properly identified.

Voice Mail:

Allows a resident to place a voice mail message directly on their guest list, which the guard can later review. Voice mail messages are constantly tracked for added accountability.

VOIP Virtual Access System:

This voice system works exclusively with voice over IP through cloud based services to eliminate the need for any phone lines. This allows the community to receive multiple phone calls with one telephone number. These call also land directly on the resident’s guest list.