The Entry Controller is the backbone of the SafeHouse line of fully integrated access control software. All other SafeHouse software modules are fully integrated into the Entry module in real time. What this means to you is far superior performance, stability, and reliability, whether it is being operated on a single workstation or as part of a network.

Entry Controller is:

  • Fast: Less than ten seconds to process a guest on the list.
  • Smart: Detects and repairs common database errors as they occur. System rules prevent input errors.
  • Easy: Access Control Officers are processing entries after one shift of training.

The Entry Controller allows you to:

  • Create 13 unique community resident and non-user classes.
  • Incrementally search the resident list by last name, address, phone number or PIN number.
  • Predominate display of special resident instructions and medical alert instructions.
  • Display community-wide contractor list and individual resident party or function guest lists.
  • Depend on automatic recovery and correction of common database file errors as they occur.
  • Display pictures of the individual resident and each visitor.
  • Configure aging record erase dates, and automatically trim old records from files.
  • Assign four levels of internal password protection.
  • Use unlimited length emergency contact lists and additional resident information features.
  • Track key numbers for emergency response or alarm monitoring.
  • Manage any vehicle and access control device.

Entry Controller Additional Features:

  • Property and Incident reporting system.
  • Active and Archive Traffic files, both query-able, supporting wildcard searches.
  • A paper backup resident information and guest list system.
  • Guest turn-back tracking.
  • Night Checks well-being system capable of alerting a supervisor of a problem.
  • Auto-dials resident when required.
  • Supports multiple direction sets.
  • Tracks assigned parking spaces and store rooms.
  • Club Mode allows resident and guest use tracking of in-community facilities.
  • Double guest processing for condo towers (gate and security desk).

Optional Features:

  • Text or email message alerts to residents when their guest arrives
  • Integrated Driver License scanning
  • Ability to input detailed guest and vehicle information
  • Customized gate passes can display directions and a picture of the visitor.
  • Gate passes can also be programmed with bar codes for automatic re-entry or exit accountability.
  • Auto gate allows the system to automatically open the gate when visitor has been processed.
  • Package Delivery Option. Allows the access control officer to accept a delivery when the resident is away. Provides telephone and print notification of the resident. Provides tracking and delivery accountability trail.
  • E-Vendor program processes vendors to multiple resident homes.

Available Integrated Modules:

  • Integrated voicemail module.
  • Integrated online Webguest module.
  • Gate Control (vehicle control access).
  • Gate View module. (Displays information about vehicles or persons using gate control devices).
  • VOIP Virtual Access System.
  • Virtual Guard interface.