The Gate Control program is true client-server integrated software. Each access control device such as a bar code, transponder, key fob, etc., appears to the Gate Control System Server in real time with equal and simultaneous access to the server. This means that all access control devices are managed from a single database and can be controlled from one program, and by a single administrator.

Gate Controller Features:

  • Multi-device compatible: Gate Control can interface with RFID (transponder) systems, Barcode Readers, Key Fob systems, and other access control devices while providing complete guest entry and exit accountability.
  • Domain Capable: The same card that gets you through the main gate can be programmed to allow access through other control points within the community.
  • Unlimited User Classes: You can specify which gates or doors each user class or individual device is allowed to access, what domains the user or device has rights to, and also apply date-range/day-of-week/and hour-of-day restrictions.
  • Transaction Displays: Each time a user accesses an entry control device, the user name, vehicle type and license number can be displayed on a monitor.
  • System Integration: The Gate Control system will either operate as a stand-alone unit or seamlessly integrate with the SafeHouse Entry Controller allowing every gate in the community to be programmed from a single screen and by a single administrator.
  • Door Access Control: The same software system that is controlling your entry gates can also control access to your clubhouse, recreation center, or any other secured area.