Why You Need Gate Access Control for Your Gated Residential Community

Why You Need Gate Access Control for Your Gated Residential Community

Gated communities offer additional security for residents that enjoy the perks of living in a safe, clean, and luxury neighborhood. While gates are beneficial in preventing trespassers, they also allow for monitoring of guests and anyone who enters the community. With proper gate access control, you can maintain security of the entire community.

Communities offer different types of gate access control that enable them to track and monitor traffic into the neighborhood, such as entrance gates, intercoms, software programs, apps, and even vehicle detection systems. Other communities may even position security guards at the gate. There are a few benefits of having gate access control for your gated community.

What is an access control system?

One of the best ways to secure a gated community is to install a gate control system. These systems are able to track and monitor any cars or pedestrians that come in and out of the community. You typically choose a method to control the gate, like an app, software program, or video surveillance. By controlling the gate, you give your residents a chance to let in their visitors and ward off any trespassers before they even have a chance to enter.

Do gated communities have lower crime rates?

Because of the gatehouse access control systems involved in securing these neighborhoods, there are less crime rates in these areas. On average, gated communities have 33% less burglaries than neighborhoods without gate access. Although the security features in different gated communities may vary, it is still proven that crime rates are lower in neighborhoods that offer a gate.

How do visitors enter the gated community?

With the right software, residents will be able to monitor their visitors and allow them entrance into the gates. This can work in a few ways, as some communities may offer a telephone entry system, while others may have gate attendants that work the entrance. Nowadays, residents may even allow visitors access with the use of an app, which is accessible on any smartphone or device.

How do gate access control systems work?

When you have recently moved to a gated community, you may wonder how it works to enter the gates. The gatehouse access control system will require you to verify your identity by either facial recognition, entry codes, or the use of a key fob. Once you have been granted access to the gate, you will be able to open the gate using these devices. Over time, this habit will become much simpler to use. Some people can also use an app on their phone to enable them access into their neighborhood.

These are just a few benefits of having gate access control for your residential community. When you live in a gated community, you want to trust that your management team is doing everything to keep you safe.

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